Connect with customers in , and anywhere else your site visitors are from.

Website abandonment represents roughly 96% of your web visitors. Researchers have found that when people arrive at a website, at least 50% of them will leave that website within 8 seconds.

SnagCity is a new software service that allows you to dynamically personalize any web page copy, banner or headline with the location that the web visitor is searching from. When used correctly, SnagCity can change conversions by anywhere from 12% to 26% based on improvements tracked on several client websites.

Based on Weibull Analysis, you have approximately 8 to 10 seconds to grab your web visitors' attention before they move on to another website. Our software allows you to personalize the user experience by telling them in a BOLD declaration that they have arrived at the website they have been looking for, because you can drop their geographic location right in the body of the copy and headline. This software works for desktop and mobile applications and will dynamically read the location of the local cell tower if their search is generated from a cell phone or tablet. Otherwise, it reads the local IP address and, up to 95% of the time, will select the correct location all around the world.

SnagCity allows you to dynamically create custom landing pages for each specific offer you’re highlighting with your PPC campaigns. Historical website analysis shows that creating a landing page for a specific advertisement lowers bounce rates by approximately 25% on average.

Why keep allowing your web visitors to leave your website without at least using all the tools at your disposal?

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How does it work?

To get your site visitor's location data, you can either add a single line of javascript to your page or integrate our PHP-based plugin. Both methods make the location data available for you to add into your website code, anywhere on any page.

Once installed, you have access to several location items:

Using the available data, you can customize your site content to the visitors location. The example page shows a website using SnagCity to present localized messages to their visitors. Click the image to visit the page and see it customized for your location!

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